Full of fiber, and the best (and tastiest) natural diuretic around. Plus, that crunch is seriously satisfying.

Got a cucumber query?

All SUNSET products are Non-GMO Project Verified. This means they are developed the old-fashioned way, through natural plant breeding without any additives.

What you are seeing is a dried blossom from the cucumber, not an insect. When cucumbers grow, they have yellow flowers that sprout on the end. They typically fall off naturally, but they occasionally manage to stay attached to the cucumber and sometimes stick to the inside of the shrink wrap due to the high humidity in the greenhouse.

As a Safe Quality Food certified company, we use Integrated Pest Management, which means we take advantage of lady bugs and other “helpful” bugs to keep our plants healthy. Because of our good agricultural practices, use of chemicals like pesticides  are most often not needed (i.e., we use very little and only when absolutely necessary—significantly less than field farms).

We never use herbicides on our products.