Thursday, June 25, 2020

Team, it is no surprise that our lives have changed in many ways since the onset of COVID-19. We have all had to adapt to changing work environments, the way we interact, and how we conduct our day-to-day business. As we have seen, shopping habits have changed significantly throughout the last several months. Our volumes are now much more stable with a continual increase in produce consumption as consumers are becoming more health conscious and cooking at home more often. While some of these new consumer habits are situational and reactionary, many of the new shopping behaviors are going to remain long after the virus fades. We have seen a substantial increase in online sales, up approximately 15% prior to COVID-19. Some industries are seeing record-breaking online sales and a dramatic decline in foot traffic. We must understand what this means for our business and continue to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and consumers. How we sell and market our products may look different today than it did yesterday, and may look even more different in the months to come. But as industry leaders, we will continue to be proactive in monitoring the needs of our customers and consumers and continue to deliver on our mission to ‘inspire healthy living through WOW flavor experiences’ to people across North America in the best way possible.