Townhall August 6, 2020

Team, it’s hard to believe we are already into August and well on our way to Fall. I hope you are all taking the time to enjoy the warm summer months with your families and loved ones. I encourage you to take ‘stay-cations’, enjoy fresh air and a change in scenery, and bring fresh SUNSET® flavor to your backyard BBQs. Taking these moments is important for your mental and physical well-being.


Last week, I mentioned the importance of flawless execution and quality of our products so that when a consumer purchases our product, they are getting a ‘WOW’ flavor experience. We want them to be blown away every time they consume our products. We want to inspire them to incorporate fresh produce into their daily lives to live a healthy, flavorful life. From growing, to packing, shipping, selling and marketing, we all play an important role in making sure our consumers are inspired by flavor and that we give them only the very best, most flavorful produce out there.