SUNSET® WOW® Flavor to Revolutionize Organic Strawberries

Kingsville, ON (August 14, 2023) – Mastronardi Produce, the fourth-generation family-owned business that pioneered high-tech greenhouse strawberries in North America, is bringing its award-winning flavor to the organic greenhouse berry segment. The company will be launching its new USA-grown SUNSET® WOW® Organic strawberries this fall and will premiere them at the IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show in October.


“We believe consumers should not have to sacrifice flavor when they purchase organic,” remarked Paul Mastronardi, President & CEO of Mastronardi Produce Ltd. “We saw a gap in the marketplace, and we know that with our proven, proprietary varieties and growing expertise, we can deliver the same amazing flavor that the SUNSET brand is known for, even in organically-grown strawberries.”


Organic berries have grown more than 55% in the last five years and attract over $1.2 billion in consumer spend nationally. Using exclusive strawberry varieties to grow SUNSET WOW Organic strawberries, Mastronardi Produce plans on elevating flavor expectations for the Organic consumer.


The company will grow WOW organic strawberries in its new state-of-the-art Ohio greenhouse. Building on the company’s commitment to sustainable growing, the newly built greenhouse is equipped with the most advanced technology in sustainable, climate-resilient growing. The greenhouse will include a double thermal screen, which helps improve energy efficiency and reduces the facility’s carbon footprint.


SUNSET WOW Organic strawberries will rely on organic waste and natural minerals to provide nutrition to the plants. Fed through a drip-irrigation system, the plants get exactly the amount of water and nutrition they need – no more and no less – while they are nestled in a proprietary growing system designed specifically for organic production by the company. And, as with all SUNSET produce, the berries will be Non-GMO Project Verified.


SUNSET WOW Organic strawberries will be available in retailers across the Northeast and Midwest regions beginning this fall.


About Mastronardi Produce Ltd.®


A pioneer and industry leader in the gourmet greenhouse industry, Mastronardi Produce grows and markets award-winning products under the SUNSET®, Backyard Farms®, BerryWorld®, and Queen of Greens® brands. Mastronardi Produce has been family-owned for over 70 years and prides itself on producing consistently flavorful tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, berries, and lettuce.


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We can deliver the same amazing flavor that the SUNSET brand is known for, even in organically-grown strawberries.

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