SUNSET® Celebrates Double Award Win for Unbeatable Flavor

Kingsville, ON (July 14, 2021) SUNSET® is celebrating a double win for unbeatable flavor for two of its newest produce innovations. At SUNSET®, the mission of inspiring healthy living through WOW™ flavor experiences is top-of-mind, and has played a significant role in the company’s success at this year’s Superior Taste Awards presented by the International Taste Institute in Brussels, Belgium. SUNSET® received not one, but two prestigious flavor awards for two of its newest innovative products, YOWZERS™ red chili peppers and Lolli Bombs™, on-the-vine snacking tomatoes.


“This double award win recognizes the continual efforts to bring superior quality and delicious tasting produce to the market year-round,” says Paul Mastronardi, President and CEO of Mastronardi Produce. “The blind taste-test conducted by many of the world’s greatest chefs and sommeliers is exciting to be a part of; it’s a true testament to how our products deliver a full sensory experience from touch, smell, and taste. Our pride and joy go into every single fruit and vegetable we grow, and we’re honored to have been able to provide another game-changing experience in quality and flavor.”


SUNSET® products were tested along with hundreds of other products from food and beverage producers from around the world, all who submitted their products with one goal in mind: being awarded with a Superior Taste Award Certification. Products were tested by a large panel of professional taste-experts and members of the world’s most prestigious Chef & Sommelier associations. With over 200 jury members, each product was carefully selected based on their experience in tasting, including first impression, vision, olfaction, taste, and texture.


“At the Taste Institute, we always follow a very strict testing methodology. It’s a blind tasting done in silence; this is the best way to objectively assess a product,” says Ferran Centelles, International Taste Institute jury member and Master Sommelier @ El bulli.


This marks the twelfth consecutive year that SUNSET® has received Superior Taste Awards from the International Taste Institute. Other award-winning products include SHAZAM!™ shishito peppers, KABOOM!® black jalapenos, Aloha™ striped peppers, Honey Bombs™, Flavor Bombs® and Sugar Bombs® from the Bombs™ lineup of on-the-vine snacking tomatoes, and Campari®, the world’s first branded tomato.


About Mastronardi Produce Ltd.® 


A pioneer and industry leader in the gourmet greenhouse industry, Mastronardi Produce grows and markets nationally recognized products under the SUNSET® brand, including Campari®, Flavor Bombs®, and Angel Sweet® tomatoes. Mastronardi Produce has been family-owned for over 70 years and prides itself on producing consistently flavorful gourmet tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and berries.


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This double award win recognizes the continual efforts to bring superior quality and delicious tasting produce to the market year-round.

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