A Woman’s Perspective

When Brittany Dorner joined Mastronardi Produce 11 years ago, she’d tell you she was a very different person than she is today. Beginning her career in a male-dominated industry, it was difficult not to be intimidated. But, Brittany was up to the challenge and jumped right in. She brought some very important assets to the table – authenticity, hustle and grit. And using that toolkit, Brittany began to build her success and her confidence within the company, and within the produce industry.


A turning point for Brittany was when she attended her first Women’s Fresh Perspectives Summit through the PMA (now IFPA). There, she was introduced to many of the industry’s top female leaders and was inspired by the way they came together to encourage each other and help drive the industry forward.


“What I’ve discovered over the years is that perspective is incredibly important,” says Brittany. “I started to look at being a woman in the industry not as a challenge, but rather as an advantage. There were so few of us, that we were exceptional just on that basis. I used that, as well as the support of my bosses and peers, to fuel my determination.”


Now, as Director of Corporate & Treasury Operations, and also a member of the Women’s Fresh Perspectives Summit Committee herself, Brittany uses her work experiences and the perspective she’s acquired from the past 11 years to encourage her team. Brittany maintains an open-door policy and puts a lot of effort into ensuring her team feels supported to achieve their own goals, while reinforcing that they are ultimately accountable for their own success.


“I want to let the women on the sidelines know that their success is waiting for them – they just need to grab it! Get involved, put the work in, and don’t wait for it.”


This year, Brittany was asked to contribute an “I AM” statement as part of her role on the Women’s Fresh Perspectives committee. Her statement is: “I am determined to make change”. And without a doubt, she will.




I started to look at being a woman in the industry not as a challenge, but rather as an advantage.

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