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SUNSET® English Cucumber Mojito

Unique and refreshing, the cool of cucumber plays well with fresh mint and rum in this creative twist on a Mojito.

Makes 1 serving


4 – 5 slices SUNSET® Cucumber
4 – 5 sprigs fresh mint
2 oz silver rum
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
3/4 oz simple syrup*
1 1/2 oz soda water
Garnish: cucumber wheel and fresh mint sprig


Drop the cucumber slices and mint into a cocktail shaker. With a muddler, press the cucumber and mint to release their flavors. Fill the shaker with ice. Measure in the rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. Cap and shake vigorously. Pour into a large glass. Garnish with cucumber wheel on the rim of the glass and mint sprig.

Chef's Notes

*Simple syrup is available at bar supply stores. You can make it by combining 2 cups sugar with 2 cups water. Bring to a quick boil. Cool. Store refrigerated for up to one month.