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Stewed Sweet Twister Collards


Cane Syrup

1 C Cane Sugar

1/2 C Water

In a small pot, combine sugar and water. Bring to a boil while stirring continuously until sugar is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and set aside.


1 bunch Collard Greens

1 C peeled and diced Kolbasa

1/2 C diced White Onion

2 Tbsp Cane Syrup (above)

1/2 C Chicken Stock

1/2 Tbsp minced Garlic

1 whole Sunset Sweet Twisted Pepper, julienne


Wash collards and drain. Separate stem from leaves and dice stems. Cut leaves into ribbons and set aside.

In a large pan over medium; high heat, sauté kolbasa until browned. Reduce heat to medium low heat and add white onions, cook until softened but not brown. Add collard stems and cook for another 2 minutes or until stems start to soften but remain with a crunchiness. Add collard leaves and mix well.

Add simple syrup, chicken stock and garlic. Cook until collards are wilted. Add Sunset Sweet Twisted Peppers and cook until just soft.

Serve and enjoy.

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