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SUNSET® WOW™ berries Promo Named Best in Show at PMA

(Anaheim, California, October 20, 2019)  SUNSET® unleashed a tidal wave of flavor on the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit this weekend with its latest premium berry innovation. Each of the six WOW™ berries received rave reviews from conference attendees for their unique flavor profiles and better-than-chocolate taste experience.

The berries also made a splash with the judging panel of retailers and industry insiders who selected WOW™ berries as Best Overall Product Promo from among hundreds of new products. This Best in Show award recognizes excellence and creativity in product promotion, with a focus on the product’s online exhibitor listing and display showcase, as well as merchandising at the booth.

“We’re thrilled that WOW™ berries were a judges’ favorite,” says Paul Mastronardi, President and CEO, and the fourth-generation family member to lead Mastronardi Produce. “Initial retailer and customer response to these remarkable berries has been tremendous, and our team was incredibly excited to showcase them at PMA.”

Bursting with flavor, WOW™ dreamberry™ strawberries have just started shipping. The best version of classic strawberry flavor, these ruby red berries are perfectly sweet, every time.

For more information about WOW™ berries or other SUNSET® innovations, contact

New SUNSET® Bombs to Drop at PMA Fresh Summit

Kingsville, Ontario (October 16, 2019) Brace yourself for a flavor explosion of epic proportions. This week in Anaheim, SUNSET® will unveil its newest on-the-vine tomato bomb at Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Tradeshow & Expo.

The sweet-like-honey golden snacking tomato follows the massive success of Flavor Bombs® and Sugar Bombs™, both of which are ripened and packed on the vine for optimal flavor. It offers the same high-impact Bombs™ taste experience that consumers crave and packs a crunch like no other.

“SUNSET dominates the on-the-vine snacking category, which is the fastest growing tomato segment,” says Paul Mastronardi, President and CEO, and the fourth-generation family member to lead Mastronardi Produce. “We’ve built a massive fanbase for the Bombs™, and we can’t wait to share this new addition to the line-up.”

The company has several other flavorful surprises in store for PMA, including Organic Wild Wonders®, a certified organic offering of the number one tomato-mix brand in the United States.

SUNSET® Turns Up the Heat on the Pepper Category







(Kingsville, Ontario, October 10, 2019) First came ALOHA™. Then SHAZAM!™. Now SUNSET® is set to ignite the pepper category with two new flavor innovations: KABOOM!™ black jalapeno and premium Wild Wonders® peppers.

“SUNSET is the fastest-growing pepper brand in the United States,” says Paul Mastronardi, President and CEO, and the fourth-generation family member to lead Mastronardi Produce. “Our latest offerings deliver the signature fresh flavor consumers are looking for.”

KABOOM!™ is a more full-flavored and juicier cousin to the traditional green jalapeno. It will make its North American debut at Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit Trade Show & EXPO next week in Anaheim, CA.

“KABOOM! packs a taste explosion, rather than the pure heat of traditional green jalapenos. They are the perfect complement to salads and nachos, and their dark color really stands out,” says celebrity chef Roger Mooking, SUNSET’s Culinary Director.

Wild Wonders® gourmet peppers combine super-sweet flavor and an alluring shape with the thrill of discovery. Consumers can expect to find a mix of red, yellow, orange, and brown peppers in each package.

“Wild Wonders peppers are deliciously sweet with no bitter aftertaste, so they lend themselves well to a variety of dishes,” says Mooking. “And they have barely any seeds, which makes for easy prep whether you stuff, grill, or slice them.”

For more information about SUNSET pepper innovations, contact

Agrizar Predicts Berry Sweet Future with Mastronardi BerryWorld America®

(Kingsville, ON, October 7, 2019) The greenhouse industry in Mexico just got a whole lot sweeter, thanks to Agrizar’s commitment to exclusively grow for Mastronardi BerryWorld America® (MBWA).

Agrizar is one of Mexico’s largest growers, with a production network of over 8700 acres. They have just begun picking MBWA’s remarkable blueberries and raspberries, celebrated worldwide for their exceptional quality and flavor.

“I was intrigued by the success of BerryWorld’s proprietary berries in global markets,” says Piero Zarattini, President of Agrizar. “But when I witnessed the plants’ durability and yield, and tasted the fruit, I was blown away.”

“We’re excited to expand our long-standing relationship with Agrizar,” says Paul Mastronardi, President and CEO, and the fourth-generation family member to lead Mastronardi Produce. “We’re continually impressed by their operations, facilities, and ability to deliver a fresh, flavorful product. There is massive growth potential for berries in North America, and we look forward to growing together.”

Mastronardi BerryWorld America is a joint venture between Mastronardi Produce Ltd.®, North America’s leading grower and distributor of greenhouse produce, and the UK-based BerryWorld®. The partnership marks the introduction of BerryWorld’s exclusive berry varieties to the North American market, following a record of successful expansions across Europe and into Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Agrizar’s production of MBWA berries started on September 27.

Greenhouse Leader Expands Sustainable Solutions

(Kingsville, ON, October 2, 2019) SUNSET® is proud to announce trailblazing plans to offer 100% reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging for all fruits and vegetables by 2025.

SUNSET has a legacy of demonstrated leadership in sustainability and is constantly evolving to develop leading-edge packaging solutions. A decade ago, they introduced top seal to the industry, resulting in a 20% reduction of materials. With the environment foremost in everyone’s minds, the company is raising the bar once again.

“At SUNSET, we always grow with the future in mind. That’s why we’re so dedicated to developing the innovative solutions that consumers and our customers have asked for—and the planet demands,” says Paul Mastronardi, President and CEO, and the fourth-generation family member to lead Mastronardi Produce.

The announcement comes days before SUNSET is set to unveil its full line of SUNSET CARES® sustainable packaging at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit in Anaheim, CA. This range of earth-friendly options includes fully recyclable paperboard packages and SUNSET® Backyard Compostable packaging, which empowers consumers to (literally) make a difference in their own backyards.

“We’re looking at implementing these new sustainable packaging options where they will have the most impact,” says Mastronardi. “For our new Backyard Compostable packaging program, we’re anticipating over a million-unit annual reduction in plastic.”

The company is also working on innovative, plastic-free paperboard packaging that will allow them to replace millions of flow-wrapped packages with a more environmentally friendly solution. And within twelve months, SUNSET will look to test unique sustainable retail models that have the potential to revolutionize how consumers shop for snacking tomatoes.

“We recognize that there’s no easy, one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we’ve focused our development efforts across a broad range of offerings,” says Mastronardi. “Our creative packaging innovations ensure consumers don’t need to choose between flavor and sustainability. They can have both.”

This past year, SUNSET was the first fresh produce company to join the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, which brings together industry thought leaders who believe in the power of industry to make a difference.

SUNSET’s sustainable packaging pledge is one of many commitments the company is making to ensure it is doing everything it can for the health and longevity of the environment. The company has also renewed its commitments to sustainable business practices at all levels, including growing, packaging, and distribution, which are described in The Green Grass Project®.