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SUNSET® Harvests First US Peppers of the Season

Kingsville, ON (Feb 29, 2016) Another SUNSET® expansion is complete and has already begun harvesting peppers mid-winter in February.

The newest greenhouse facility, Pepperco USA, has just completed an 11-acre expansion. Located in Coldwater, Michigan, the 41-acre greenhouse is now in its second year of harvesting local sweet bell peppers, with the first crop of US peppers harvesting last week.

“Pepperco USA is the first US large scale pepper greenhouse,” shared CEO Paul Mastronardi. “The ability to grow local sweet bell peppers at this time of the year is pretty remarkable, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to provide eager consumers with reliable, local flavor.”

SUNSET® is no stranger to winter production, however; the greenhouse company has been growing flavorful, Michigan grown tomatoes year round for over four years on the 60-acre tomato range.

The Coldwater facility has also been growing their award-winning SUNSET® Flavor Bombs™, the sweetest tomato out there. Since their introduction, Flavor Bombs™ have been a huge success and will be expanding soon.SUNSET®-Pepperco-2016

SUNSET® doesn’t shy away from new items either; the local flavor keeps coming with their second season of WOW™ berries production. An acronym for Wonders of Winter™, these Michigan grown strawberries taste as sweet as summer.

“We’ve trialed greenhouse strawberries for almost ten years,” continued Mastronardi. “We wanted to ensure that our winter berries would be consistently flavorful and just as sweet as local summer berries.”

With the strategic location of Coldwater, SUNSET® is able to harvest, pack and ship local produce all in one day. The company is continuing to expand, and will begin their next project this year.

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