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SUNSET® Honored with International Taste Award

SUNSET® has done it again. This year, the family-owned greenhouse company has been honoured with the Superior Taste Award from the prestigious International Taste and Quality Institute in Belgium.

Among the products that were given top honors, Campari® led the way with an incredible evaluation from the ITQI.

“What a way to celebrate Campari’s 20th anniversary,” shared CEO Paul Mastronardi. “For 20 years, we’ve been researching to see what could top Campari®, and we’ve yet to find anything that could replace it as the tomato lover’s tomato. This achievement truly solidifies our dedication to flavor and quality, and represents our passion behind Campari®.”

Other awarded products include SUNSET® WOW™ Berries, which were introduced to the Midwest this past year as a flavorful, local strawberry to get foodies through the winter.SUNSET®-ITQI

Products are judged based on a number of factors including looks, smell, texture, and of course, taste. Several hundred food and beverage brands participate in the ITQI Awards each year. Other award-winning SUNSET® products include Kumato®, Zima®, ONE SWEET®, Angel Sweet®, and Y.E.L.O.™, Campari® with a little extra sunshine.

“We warmly congratulate Mastronardi Produce® on this achievement,” commented Christian de Bauw, Manager Partner at ITQI. “The company should be proud to market products that are so valued for their superior taste.”

ITQI is the leading independent organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior tasting food and drink from around the world. The Superior Taste Award is the only stamp of quality in taste granted by the area’s opinion leaders, who happen to be Michelin-starred Chefs and Sommeliers. The ITQI jury is composed of 13 nationalities and members of the most prestigious culinary institutions throughout Europe.

Kumato® is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.