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SUNSET® Doubles Up on Sustainability Awards 

Kingsville, ON (April 23, 2015) SUNSET® is proud to announce their acceptance of two new sustainability awards, and just in time for Earth Day.

On Wednesday, the company accepted two PAC Global Leadership Awards for their new Eco Flavor Bowl™ packaging system and their ONE SWEET® Ready-to-Eat snack packs.

One year ago, SUNSET® launched the Eco Flavor Bowl™, a unique clamshell that uses a high graphic, preprinted film to lock in fresh, SUNSET® flavor. The bowl boasts first of its kind lip venting and easy rinse-through holes, allowing families to rinse the product and set out the bowl for snacking or entertaining.

“Extensive research goes into our packaging designs,” stated Giuseppe Rubino, Director of Packaging at SUNSET®.  “Our goal was to give retailers an attractive, new package that increased their sustainable initiatives, while giving consumers a package that creates opportunity snacking. Instead of being in a closed container tucked away, tomatoes are in an open bowl which encourages frequent healthy snacking.”

The Eco Flavor Bowl™ is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. In addition, it uses 20% less packaging than ordinary clamshells.

“SUNSET’s Eco Flavor Bowl™ is a perfect example of a package designed not only with the package’s end of life recovery in mind, but also convenience,” stated PAC President James Downham.

SUNSET® also took the silver award for Food Waste with their ONE SWEET® Ready-to-Eat snack packs. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, approximately 40% of all food generated for human consumption goes to waste. With the SUNSET® Ready-to-Eat packs, the film is micro-perforated, which extends shelf life and helps families get the most out of their produce.

“SUNSET’s ONE SWEET® Ready to Eat snack packs are a brilliant example of minimizing packaging and food waste while retaining excellent branding and package integrity,” continued Downham. “I applaud SUNSET® for being the only brand that won recognition in two distinct categories, sustainable packaging and packaging that reduces food waste.”

These, along with other SUNSET® packages, have been designed with the company’s The Green Grass Project® in mind.  The project, which was developed in 1999, outlines SUNSET’s initiatives to contribute to a greener environment.

The PAC Packaging Consortium is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to driving progressive change in the packaging value chain. Every year, they judge products based on their sustainability and dedication to an eco-friendly environment.

SUNSET® Teams Up with Food Network Celebrity Chef

Kingsville, ON (March 31, 2015) SUNSET® is putting a new twist on flavor by teaming up with popular Food Network star and celebrity chef Roger Mooking. The flavorful partnership will bring forth new recipes, blogs and inspiration, combining the fresh flavor of SUNSET® produce with Roger’s taste for the unexpected.

Mooking, widely known for his globally inspired culinary traditions, has become a force in the culinary world by taking ordinary dishes and elevating them with different cultural twists. The Canadian chef, who was born in Trinidad, is host to the popular Cooking Channel series Man Fire Food, Heat Seekers and the host and co-creator of Everyday Exotic, a Food Network show that demonstrates how to breathe new life into everyday meals.

Chef Mooking is also a recurring judge on Food Network’s popular Chopped series and is a resident culinary expert on The Marilyn Denis Show. In addition, he penned the award-winning Everyday Exotic: The Cookbook, recently opened his own Toronto based restaurant, Twist by Roger Mooking, and, to top it all off, is a nationally acclaimed Juno Award-Winning recording artist.

“Chef Mooking is an incredibly talented person,” said SUNSET® CEO Paul Mastronardi. “We were instantly inspired by how he combines simple flavors to create spectacular dishes.”Roger and Paul

Mooking will be creating a series of signature recipes, penning a blog, and sharing helpful culinary tips for SUNSET® flavor lovers.

“It feels great to be working with such a motivated and forward thinking team at SUNSET®,” shared Mooking. “Their vision and long standing dedication to greatness gives me all the inspiration I need to go wild in the kitchen with their incredible produce.”

“Our shared passions extend far beyond flavor,” continued Mastronardi, an avid music fan. “Chef Mooking has a zest for life that we’re truly grateful for and excited to be a part of.”

The feeling toward this culinary partnership is certainly mutual.

“It’s the passion that oozes from Paul Mastronardi and every member of the team that sealed the deal,” said Chef Mooking. “I’ve met some kindred spirits and am looking forward to a long relationship with SUNSET®.

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