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SUNSET® Chairman Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Kingsville, ON (November 17, 2014) At the annual OPMA Gala on November 14, Don Mastronardi, Chairman of Mastronardi Produce®, was the proud recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

“Throughout the years, Donny has been an incredible influence on the produce industry,” said Frank Spagnuolo, Senior Category Director at Loblaws. “He is a supportive mentor to all around him, and a kind, charismatic man who people crowd around, just to be around him and hear what he has to say. He is an amazing businessman and the true Tomato Master.”8 - Don - with logotag

At just 25 years old, Don was propelled into the family business after his father’s sudden passing. His days were spent working at the family’s newly acquired Harry Becker Company in the Detroit Market from 4am till noon, returning to Leamington to sell the family’s greenhouse harvest till suppertime, as well as managing the local Chrysler dealership, Mastronardi Motors.

As a Canadian working the North American market, Don learned a lot about importing and exporting and how crucial it was to set yourself apart from the competition. He combined these skills with his knack for unparalleled customer service to build SUNSET’s reputation for high quality, flavorful produce year round, and impeccable customer service.

In the 90s, Mastronardi sparked a movement and truly distinguished himself as a leader in the produce industry. Realizing the fragile state of the greenhouse industry, he led a co-operative sales group called Fresh Sales, which brought prosperity back to greenhouse growers.

Following that success, Don further changed the industry in 1994 by building a 40-acre greenhouse, the largest single greenhouse at the time and the first of its kind in North America. Just one year later, he launched Campari® Brand Tomatoes, the most recognized tomato brand in the world.

It is Donny’s innovative spirit and passion for quality and customer service that has truly set SUNSET® apart and allows them to continue to be pioneers in the industry.

“I’m speechless,” said Mastronardi. “It’s incredibly humbling to be presented with this award among so many innovators and professionals. This is a true honor.”

SUNSET® Named Home Grown Favorite

Kingsville, ON (November 10, 2014) SUNSET® is proud to be recognized as Leamington’s Best Home Grown Business of 2014 by the Leamington District Chamber of Commerce.

At the 20th Annual Business Excellence Awards, the Leamington Chamber of Commerce selected standout companies that were nominated for categories ranging from Innovation to Youth Excellence to Agriculture. SUNSET® was nominated for the Home Grown category, which focuses on research and development, innovative marketing and food safety in the agricultural sector. New SUNSET Logo with Flavor Tagline_withWhite

“We’re very honoured to have been chosen as Leamington’s Best Agricultural Business, especially in an area full of experienced growers,” stated CEO Paul Mastronardi. “It’s extremely rewarding to be recognized in our community, which we are so grateful to be apart of.”

This past year, the company came forward to sponsor the Leamington Tomato Festival, a longstanding tradition for the town.

“This year was an important one for the community and SUNSET® truly stepped up to the plate to become the official sponsor of the Leamington Tomato Festival,” said Wendy Parsons, General Manager of the Leamington District Chamber of Commerce. “Not only does SUNSET® lead the industry but they’re leaders in our community as well. Whether it’s healthy snacks at local schools or supporting the MS Society, SUNSET® is always involved.”

In addition to sponsoring the SUNSET® Leamington Tomato Festival, the company has also joined the Chamber of Commerce and is participating in the Leamington Christmas parade, which will be held November 29th.

SUNSET® Kumato® Named Best Food for Men

Kingsville, ON (November 3, 2014) What makes Kumato® the King of tomatoes? Just ask Men’s Health Magazine, who’ve recently dubbed the SUNSET® tomato the best for men.

Introduced in 2010, SUNSET® Kumato® brand tomatoes have quickly gained notoriety for their unique color, perfect size, and well-balanced flavor. These non-GMO verified tomatoes naturally turn a plum-brown color at their peak ripeness.

“Kumato® is one of SUNSET’s best selling signature brands,” stated CEO Paul Mastronardi. “We knew we had found an amazing product years ago because it was so unique looking and tasting. The Kumato® is very balanced, not too acidic, with a mysterious and smoky flavor.” SUNSET®-Kumato®

In November’s issue, Men’s Health Magazine published their picks for the top 100 Best Foods for Men. The list includes healthy, flavorful, and easy to prepare products that were all taste-tested by the team at Men’s Health. SUNSET® Kumato® tomatoes were selected for their sweet and tangy flavor, non-GMO verification, and because they can be enjoyed on their own or in a variety of dishes.

“At SUNSET®, we search the world for flavor,” continued Mastronardi. “We want to ensure that consumers enjoy our tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers as healthy foods that don’t need to be covered in dressings or dips; their flavor is best on its own. Being recognized by Men’s Health for that is a great honor.”

Why else should men be reaching for SUNSET® Kumato® tomatoes? Tomatoes are a natural source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may help prevent certain diseases, such as prostate cancer. Movember, formerly known as November, is dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health, and is the perfect time to pick up a pack of Kumato® tomatoes and try a new SUNSET® recipe.

The November issue of Men’s Health is available on newsstands now.

Kumato® is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.