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SUNSET® Gearing Up for PMA with New Chef

Kingsville, ON (September 29, 2014) SUNSET® Produce is gearing up for PMA Fresh Summit and has teamed up with chef and blogger Nikki Dinki to NIK_103showcase this year’s product offering.

“We’re so excited to partner with chef Nikki Dinki for this year’s summit,” said Daniela Ferro, communications coordinator for SUNSET®. “Nikki is dedicated to teaching people how easy, healthy and flavorful it is to use vegetables as a main dish. Her fresh ideas and recipes make her the perfect addition to our team.”

Nikki Dinki is a chef, blogger, and recent Food Network contestant. Her cooking style is ‘meat on the side’, with a focus on healthy, flavorful veggie based meals. She has a popular online video series to demonstrate just how versatile produce can be in a variety of meals.

“Showcasing fresh, flavorful vegetables is my life, so I am so excited to be partnering with SUNSET® to help feature their stunning veggies,” stated Dinki. “If you start with the best ingredients you always end up with the best dishes, so with the help of SUNSET’s produce I plan on showing everyone at Fresh Summit what flavor is all about.”

SUNSET® can be found at booth #4228, the ultimate Fresh Summit destination. This area includes a full gourmet kitchen where Nikki Dinki will be creating gourmet appetizers using products like Campari®, Y.E.L.O.™, Kumato® and SUNSET®’s featured product, Wild Wonders®.

“Working with SUNSET® is the opportunity of a lifetime,” continued Dinki. “I know they’re dedicated to growing amazing flavor and I’m dedicated to creating it, so this is the perfect partnership.”

SUNSET® will also be featuring their newest, most sustainable packaging, the Eco Flavor System™, which was named a finalist for PMA’s Annual Impact Award.

Kumato® is a registered trademark of a Syngenta Group Company.