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Angel Sweet® Tomatoes are Soaring!

Kingsville, ON (February 2, 2014) – Mastronardi Produce®’s SUNSET® Angel Sweet® tomatoes are quickly becoming a household name.

 Since their launch in 2012, SUNSET® Angel Sweet® tomatoes have become one of their fastest growing tomato brands to date. With impeccably sweet flavor and a fun package design, it’s no wonder they are such a hit with consumers of all ages.

 “Our Angel Sweet® tomatoes have a flavor that is what we call Miraculously Sweet,” said CEO Paul Mastronardi.
“No other grape tomato comes close to that distinct sweetness.”MPL-Angel-Sweet-2014

 From 2012-13 alone, Angel Sweet® sales have skyrocketed. “They are undoubtedly one of our fastest growing tomatoes,” continued Mastronardi. “These have quickly become a kitchen staple, just like our Campari® tomatoes.”

Sales have in fact grown so much that Mastronardi Produce® keeps growing more. Stores everywhere are selling out of Angel Sweet®. Looking to get your hands on some? Don’t fret. “We have a brand new crop coming in March,” stated Paul. “We’re dedicating more and more acres to Angel Sweet® so we can give consumers everywhere what they want.”

Consumers can look for Angel Sweet® tomatoes at their local grocery store.