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SUNSET® has acres and acres of glorious greenhouse crops, as well as distribution channels across North America. The benefits are many: high yields, low food miles, and reusable resources, to name just a few. Our sustainable business practices show that we love the environment and everything it provides us with: warm sun, fresh water and, of course, flavorful food. It’s why we put a little extra into growing some of the most flavorful fruit around and why we ensure our products are non-GMO verified.


Rock On…And on…

Our plants are grown using organic coconut husks or rockwool, a reusable mineral fiber. After use, rockwool gets recycled to make things like driveway pavers.


As a Safe Quality Food certified company, we prefer ladybugs and other friendly critters instead of chemical pesticides. SUNSET® uses integrated pest management (IPM) to ensure our flavorful produce is protected from hungry bugs… can you blame them though?

That’s right. SUNSET® uses recycled water to grow our plants, and we collect rainwater—lots of it! Just one of the many advantages of greenhouse production, our water usage is kept low, which reduces our carbon footprint. So, what does this mean for you? Confidence and peace of mind knowing we take corporate environmental responsibility seriously. We don’t take more than we need.


Bleach-Free, Baby

SUNSET® uses bleach-free, recyclable corrugated boxes. By nixing the bleach, we eliminate fumes and other negative effects that we just don’t care for, so you can safely breathe a sigh of relief.

Less Is, Well, Less.

At SUNSET®, we don’t like to use more than we need. That’s why we believe in reduced packaging. Our recyclable packaging includes the top seal Eco Flavor Bowl™, which reduces plastic by at least 20%. Our team is dedicated to designing packaging that protects your produce, maximizes freshness, and of course, looks pretty cool.


Let there be Light

At SUNSET®, we consider ourselves sun-worshippers; our facilities use skylights to take in as much natural light as possible and cut down on electricity use. For those cloudy days? We use energy efficient lighting, which uses about a fifth of the energy of a conventional bulb. Now that’s a bright idea.

Reduced Food Miles

We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality fresh produce to you, so it only makes sense to have a number of distribution centers and greenhouses across North America. Less time between our greenhouses and your shelves means fresher, more delicious produce and reduced CO2 emissions.

Food Mile
Green Grass Project®
Green Grass Project®