Thursday, July 2, 2020

Team, as we celebrate two national holidays this week, Canada Day and Independence Day, it is important to reflect on all that our countries have been through during these very uncertain times and the incredible ways we have united as a nation and as a company. When COVID-19 hit, nobody knew the impact it would have. What was believed to be a temporary adjustment lasting only a few weeks, has turned into months and we are still unsure just how much longer it will be until we can finally return to normal. As an essential service, we understand how important our jobs are in feeding communities across North America. I believe our nations have a much deeper appreciation for the work we do and how, during these unprecedented times, they had one less worry because of our commitment and hard work.

We recently heard the news that PMA Fresh Summit, the largest tradeshow in North America for produce and floral, will not be taking place in person this October. The event will not be cancelled, however, and will shift to a different platform that will still allow us to connect and celebrate our industry. PMA CEO Cathy Burns says, “resiliency and innovation are required on the path forward”. As a company, we have not only adapted to the changing needs and circumstances, but we have continued to lead the way in developing policies to keep our employees safe while continuing our operations. We must continue to be resilient and innovate, to shift our mindset from the usual way we conduct business and come up with solutions to the new challenges we face.

Click here for the full announcement by PMA CEO Cathy Burns.

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