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The business really grew out of my dad's passion for great fruit. He was an Italian who loved to cook and he always said “a meal is as good as what you put in it.” - Donny Mastronardi, 3rd Generation

Talk About Roots

Ours span over 70 years to the pioneering of the North American greenhouse industry. Before Grandpa Umberto Mastronardi came along, there were no commercial greenhouses in North America. His vision was to provide consumers with fresh greenhouse-grown vegetables all year long. After four generations, the Mastronardi family still owns and manages what is now the leading greenhouse vegetable company on the continent, growing and selling world-class tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and berries.

Today, in the spirit of Grandpa Mastronardi, we continue to pioneer new greenhouse technology and sustainable growing practices to better our business and environment. And while we use the latest technology, we still keep some things old fashioned, like the way our produce is vine-ripened and hand-picked to ensure the highest quality possible. It’s our way of staying true to our roots, while delivering unbeatable flavor.

The Future of Flavor

When we branded the first tomato Campari® in 1995, it was a ground-breaking moment for the fresh produce industry. By changing the way consumers look at and shop for tomatoes, we established the premium category we continue to dominate.

But we didn’t stop there. Now we’re set to revolutionize the berry category in the same manner with the newly re-branded WOW™ berries, a line of better-than-chocolate treats that will forever change expectations of how a berry should taste.